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Check out How Waseem Badami celebrated 6th September Defense Day

When we do mention the names of some of the best television anchors in Pakistan, then we undoubtedly on top of the list do mention with the name of Waseem Badami as well. He is known out to be one of the most reputable and well known news anchor and Pakistani journalists. Currently you can watch her on the show of host political talk show 11th Hours on ARMY News.  In the year 2014 he left ARY at the time when he was involved in doing the hosting current affairs and political talk show 11th Hour and made his way to BOL Network. In the year 2015 he resigned from BOL and hence rejoin into the ARY Network once again. Each single year during the course of Ramadan he has been involved in doing the hosting of he Shaan e Ramazan on ARY that has been always appreciated and hugely loved out by the fans. In the year 2016 he was honored with the award of the “Favorite Current Affairs Anchor – Male” award by Aghlani Award. In the year 2017 he set up his own business by doing the partnership with the Hemani Herbals and hence launched a skincare brand named as WB that was after his initials. After Karachi, this product was later on launched in Dubai.

Recently as we all know that Defense Day was celebrated on 6th September 2017 and so many of the TV anchors head their mind off towards the arrangement of the Defense Day related programs. In all such anchors we had the name of Waseem Badami as well who prefer spending his day with the Defense Army and let the whole nation know that even on this day they are on the duty besides the holiday.

Check out how Waseem Badami celebrated 6th September Defense Day! He has been captured in a friendly mood in the middle of the army soldiers and civilians. The day he celebrated the Defense Day with army and the pictures were shown out on the social media, he eventually become the main talk of the town because it was such a unique and a different thing to do on this event.

Now without wasting any time, let’s share out with some pictures of anchor Waseem Badami celebrations on 6th September Defence Day! Tune into this webpage for latest updates about entertainment world.

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