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Chicken and Vegetables Spaghetti Recipe

As the month of Ramzan is going on kids are also very excited to observe fast and it’s the time to make more and more delicious dishes for kids and your family and make them happy. Today, we are sharing with you our homemade recipe of spaghetti with chicken and vegetable which is the most favorite meal of the kids. It is so easy that you can make it in just fifteen minutes. Your kids can enjoy from this spaghetti not only in Ramzan but also in normal days. It is really very healthy and delicious, so don’t waste your time and lets have a look on the method of cooking of spaghetti with chicken and vegetable.


Spaghetti                                     (one packet)

Boneless chicken                      (one cup)

Spring onion leaves                 (50 gram)

Carrot                                            (100 grams)

Capsicum                                     (100 gram)

Garlic                                             (2.3 cloves)

Chinese salt                                 (two tea spoons)

Black pepper                               (two tea spoon)

Vinegar                                         (one table spoon)

Soya sauce                                   (two TBS)

Sugar                                              (to taste)

Ketchup                                         (two TBS)

Cooking Method:-

Pick a fring pan and put oil in it.

Heat the oil and add garlic in it when it becomes golden brown then add all the chopped vegetables and boiled chicken pieces in it.Saute for few minutes.Then put Soya sauce, vinegar, salt, sugar, Chinese salt and ketchup in it and mix it well and turn off the heat.Now, pour three glass of water in another pan and boil spaghetti with salt and one TBS of oil.When spaghetti becomes ready mix it with the vegetable and chicken mixture.Garnish it with cheese and ketchup.Serve it hot.

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