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Cool Nail Art Trends for Winter 2014-2015 007

Cool Nail Art Trends for Winter 2014-2015

Just recently Mercedes Benz Fashion Week was concluded and there I saw mesmerizing nail art and stunning nail colors combination being used by all the fashion divas, so there I had an idea to share with my fans some of the most inspiring Cool Nail Art Trends that will make headlines in 2014-2015 Winter season.

I have made a combination of some stunning color combination which were used by top notch fashion designers to give a fashion boost to their eye popping fashion collections, this time these coolest nail art designs are sure to make a big splash this season, you will see simple yet mind blowing and complex yet looking simple nail art ideas and chic look color combos that you would have never thought off earlier.

Cool Nail Art Designs for Winter 2014-2015

checkout the mesmerizing nail polish designs which will blow your mind.

Beautiful Negative Space Manicures

Cool Nail Art Trends for Winter 2014-2015

One of my favorite nail art idea from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week was the stunning negative space manicures which were seen in almost all kind of shapes and sizes.

During the show I saw many big names like Charlotte Ronson, Zimmermann and Dion Lee experimented with negative space manicures, to give it a fashion diva and sizzling effect most of the nail was kept nude and rest was experimented with stripes and half-moons.

The Stunning Coral Nails

Cool Nail Art Trends for Winter 2014-2015 002

For Me, Coral Nail was among the best cool nail art trends for winter 2014-2015 with one simple reason, coral was mixed with negative space manicure and few innovative experiments were done to come up with newest form of nail art ideas.

The Dashing Chic Nudes

Cool Nail Art Trends for Winter 2014-2015 003

Winter Nail Art designs 2015 also included a chic look trend of soft pinks and nudes. There were many two tone soft approaches which were being used by the designers.

The Trend Setting 3D Embellishments

Cool Nail Art Trends for Winter 2014-2015 004

If you are in love with 3D nail art, than it is time to become more daring because in winter 2015 you will see a sudden boost in 3D nail art trends and when they are combined with embellishments they sure make you more stunning.

Imaginative Damaged Polish

You would be surprise to read this that as I have been searching for coolest and latest nail art designs for winter 2015, I came to understand the fact that while looking at few nail art ideas, nail polish looks which were giving an idea that something went wrong with them are the ones which will make great headlines in fashion 2014.

Cool Nail Art Trends for Winter 2014-2015 005

Here are few of the imaginative, fashionable, chic look and cool nail art ideas that will be making the headlines in fashion 2015, so before its too late try any one of them and be a trend setter.

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