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Fahad Mustafa Jeeto Pakistan

The A – Z Of Fahad Mustafa Jeeto Pakistan

This showbiz Pakistan is all here with this show which we all call it by the name of Jeeto Pakistan show. We have seen that this show has now become one of the favorite shows in Pakistan, it is a pure game show where common people take part and they won cars, gold and cash and many other household items. In this post, we will let you know all about the A to Z of this Jeeto Pakistan show so read this post in detail. We are discussing the complete details of this interesting and well known game show i-e Jeeto Pakistan. With the passage of time, this show is getting very popular even worldwide as well.

All About Fahad Mustafa Jeeto Pakistan

Fahad Mustafa Jeeto Pakistan

Theme Of Jeeto Pakistan:

It is a fun loving kind of show, it is an exciting game show where you will be having all LIVE audience, questions are asked from the audience and they also get entered into the lucky draws. We can say that this show is one of the best shows by this Pakistani Showbiz World.

Host Of Jeeto Pakistan:

Fahad Mustafa who is one of the dynamic actors is the host of this show. Pakistani Actor Fahad Mustafa has done an amazing hosting in this show.

Fahad Mustafa in fun mood

Segments Of Jeeto Pakistan

Handi Charhao Inam Pakao

It is a cooking competition, audiences have to create tasty dishes within a set time. Those who will win will be awarded the prize. Pakistani Actor Fahad Mustafa do this segment with utmost excitement.

Jeet Kai Dikao

Fahad Mustafa Playing Family Games at Jeeto Pakistan

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This segment has many kinds of different games that are all played by the audience members. Fahad Mustafa Jeeto Pakistan Host also do this segment with much craziness.

Bigul Bajao Inaam Pao

It is that kind of segment in which at the sound of the Bigul, Question and Answers are asked from the Live audience and correct answers given by the people received gifts.

Khul Gai Qismat

Fahad Mustafa Khul Gai Kismat Event

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This segment has No Questions, No Games, in this segment you will be asked for random items which you will be having in person and whoever will be having those items wins, that person will win!

Dil Walay Inam Laijangay

It is a competition between different newly-wed couples to win the final prize.

Car Bachao Ghar Lai Jao

Win Car at Fahad Mustafa Jeeto Pakistan

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In this, a lucky audience member will be getting a chance to win a brand new car. Jeeto Pakistan Host do this part with much madness and happiness.

Sahulat Bazar Segment

Special vouchers for Sahulat Bazar are distributed in this segment. In this part, Jeeto Pakistan Host show his real hosting talent.

Celebrity Guest

Mawra Hocane with Fahad Mustafa at Jeeto Pakistan

In this segment, a celebrity guest joins Fahad on stage.

Baat Banti Hai

Win Gold at Jeeto Pakistan by Fahad Mustafa

In this segment, audience member will get a chance to win gold like if you will guess the correct quantity of gold, you will be getting that gold to home.

Nannay Ustad

Kids show off their talent in this segment and win an exciting prize.

Fakhr-e-Pakistan Segment

People from walks of life are invited in this segment. They are a source of inspiration and promote the name of Pakistan.

Abhi Tu Main Jawan Hoon

Elderly couples get a chance to win exciting gifts by telling a romantic story or singing a song.

Timing Of Jeeto Pakistan

Hamza Ali Abbasi doing Dance with Fahad Mustafa at Jeeto Pakistan

Every Friday and Sunday at 8:00 pm only on ARY Digital.

This is all about the Jeeto Pakistan show. If you have not yet watched this show then it is time to start regularly watching it. It is an exciting game show and you will really enjoy it while watching it. If you have watched this show then do let us know too that how much you liked it. We will keep you posted more about the details of this Jeeto Pakistan show.

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