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Hot and Spicy Chicken Chunks Recipe

It is the holy month of Ramazan which emphasizes to strengthen family and community aspects and it is the time to worship and prayers. In Ramazan Muslims often invite one another to share aftar and women are more busy in Ramazan to decorate their Dasterkhan with delicious and tasty variations of food.

Today we are sharing with you a unique and tasty recipe of hot and spicy chicken chunks. Its method of cooking is very easy and would not take your more time and I am sure you and your family would must like it, so don’t miss the quick recipe of spicy and hot chicken chunks and would try it must.

Let’s have a look on its cooking method.


Chicken Breast                              (2)

Mushrooms                                    (4)

Cheese Sliced                                (2)

White pepper                                 (1 TS)

Vinegar                                            (1TBS)

Salt                                                   (1/2 TBS)

Bread crumbs                               (as needed)

Egg                                                   (1)

 Cooking Method:-

  1. Cut the chicken breast into piece and slite upon just like a leaf.
  2. Marinate it with white pepper, vinegar, salt at least two hours.
  3. Fill the chicken pieces with mushrooms and cheese slices.
  4. Coat them with breadcrumbs and Maida.
  5. Then deep fry it in hot oil.
  6. Now it is ready to eat.

Serve it with French fries and ketchup.

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