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Humayun Saeed Wedding Pics, Dramas And Scandals

Humayun Saeed Wedding Pics, Dramas And Scandals

Do you want to catch with some unseen Humayun Saeed wedding pics? If yes then dont forget reading this post because here we will have a complete discussion about actor Humayun Saeed professional career, wedding pictures and about the stories behind his affairs and scandals. Humayun Saeed has been named as being the most famous and yet one of the top most wanted Pakistani Actor. He has even earned big repute as being the producer as well. So far in his career he has feature himself in so many serials and short plays through his won the hearts of millions of people. His superb acting in the play Mehndi is still fresh in the minds of the people. He has done with so many advertisements and modelling campaigns.
Talking about his film career he has done with 1 film that has ruled over the Pakistani film cinemas. He has been honored with so many awards in his so far entire career. He has the handsome looks and talented acting skills that made him turn out to be one of the most top expensive Pakistani actors on television. Humayun Saeed wife name is Samina Saeed. He has opened with his own production house company by the name of “Six Sigma House” along with his closest friend Abdullah khadwani. He has gained with enormous fame and success in just the small time period of the career. His best quality is that he has just worked for his fans and himself as he never get into competition with anyone at any stage of his career. Once he said in his interview that God has blessed him with so much that he never find himself hungry for getting awards.

Humayun Saeed Wedding Pics Neverseen Before:

Humayun Saeed Wedding Pics

Humayun Saeed is knot up in relation of wedding with samina saeed. humayun saeed got married at a very young age. Samina Saeed has even co-produce some of his serials. She is the owner of production house Six Sigma house. In the beginning of the career Humayun Saeed wedding pictures were never disclosed but when he started to make public appearances with her the media and so as the fans gets to know about his wedding personal life. He avoid making public appearances and interviews along with his wife. Here we will be adding with some humayun saeed wedding pics as well. His wedding ceremony was held secretly in which just close mates and friends were invited. Humayun Saeed Samina Saeed life story and journey has faced so many ups and downs. There was a time when Samina Humayun Saeed divorce was the talk of the town. She was very much upset about the extreme busy schedule of her husband and this was how she hit upon the idea to move into this profession as the producer.

humayun saeed married co-star ayesha khan Scandal:

humayun saeed married co-star ayesha khan Scandal

Do you know that Humayun Saeed second marriage was with Ayesha Khan? In the very beginning of the career Humayun Saeed has done so much work with Ayesha Khan that has given rise to so many rumored stories and linkup. Some of the people even came up with the story that Humayun Saeed new wife was Ayesha Khan and the silence of the celebrities over such a story has made it quite clear that there was something cooking in between this couple. But Humayun Saeed Ayesha khan wedding news blown up like a smoke in the air when Ayesha Khan was spotted so many times with Hamza Ali Abbasi and Humayun Saeed started to be linked up with the new actress Ushna Shah. But still somehow the news was confirmed because these two celebrities have been spotted many times together and their special photoshoot on the Valentines Day made this news confirmed. Later the inside sources have unveiled that when Samina Saeed overtake the Humayun Saeed production house she avoid casting Ayesha Khan in her serials and warned her to stay away from her husband. Last year the rumor or we would say a confirmed story came up that Ushna Shah was brutally beaten up by Samina Saeed when she captured her in an awkard condition of closeness with her husband.

Pakistani Actor Humayun saeed Kids, Brothers and Family:

Humayun Saeed Kids and Family
Humayun Saeed has two kids who are daughters. In his siblings he has just 4 brothers named as Amir, Adnan, Babar and Salman. His brother amir has just newly stepped into the acting profession and has worked in few couple of the Humayun Saeed production serials. Humayun Saeed has always kept his personal and professional away distant away from each other so fewer people knows about his family background. Although few pictures of Humayun Saeed with his wife and daughter is all placed over the media social websites.

Hit Dramas and Movies List of Humayun Saeed:

Humayun Saeed Dramas List
Some of the famous television serials done by Humayun Saeed are Chaandni Raatain, Ishq Ki Inteha, Meri Zaat Zarra-e-Benishan, Daam, Mohabbat Rooth Jaye Toh, Ana, Riyasat, Doraha, Aashti, Ishq Junoon Deewangi, Yeh Zindagi Hai, Uraan, Omar Dadi aur Gharwalay, Neeyat, Ladies Park and many more. these days he is appearing in the drama serial Dil Lagi. being a producer he has produced with so many top successful dramas including with the names of Moorat, Riyasat, Makan, Doraha, Meri Zaat Zarra-e-Benishan, Daam, Talafi, Manzil, Sarkar Sahab and Gul-e-Rana. some of the top known pakistani films done by humayun saeed are Inteha in 1999, Mein Ek Din Laut Kay Aaoon Ga, Khulay Aasman Ke Neechay in 2008, Main Hoon Shahid Afridi in 2013, Bin Roye in 2015 and Jawani Phir Nahi Ani. Every single time he has feature himself out in versatile roles that made his fans to love him even more.
So this was the complete list of actor Humayun Saeed professional, personal and scandals journey! To learn more about the celebrities personal and professional life and to give a look inside their scandals and affairs just don’t miss out visiting with this webpage right now!

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