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Juggan Kazim Wedding Pictures 0015

Juggan Kazim Wedding Pictures

If you are interested to view out Juggan Kazim wedding pictures then just grab over this post right now. Here we have the complete Pakistani wedding pictures of Juggan Kazim. Juggan Kazim is the well known Pakistani actress of the television industry. She has so far given her many years of services to this profession. Newly, Juggan Kazim got married with the advocate and journalist Faisal Naqvi. This happening was attended by many famous celebrities of television and music industry. Here we are going to paste up some of the Juggan Kazim wedding pictures. On the Barat event she has dressed herself in long lehenga that has been designed by Kamiar Rokhni and makeup and styling has been done by Maram and Abroo. The groom was dressed in black color three piece suits that were making them look together as the prince and princess. Both of them were looking as mad for each other. A big smile on both the faces surely reveals that they will going to live a happily married life in future. We hope that you would have enjoyed watching Juggan Kazim wedding pictures.

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Juggan Kazim Wedding Pictures

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