Bollywood Actress Karishma Kapoor Wedding Pictures

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In this article we will be highlighting all the Karishma Kapoor wedding pictures. Karishma Kapoor is one of the most famous and still the most favorite stars in the Indian film industry. Her whole family background has been associated with the film industry that somehow provides her with the stage for making her name. She is the elder sister of famous film star Kareena Kapoor. Karishma Kapoor is known in her family with the name of “Lolo”. She is the daughter of film legends Babita and Randhir Kapoor. In this article we will be pasting out few pictures of Karishma Kapoor wedding pictures. On the main wedding day Karishma Kapoor was looking exceptionally stunning. The gathering was captured with the involvement of the family mates and many well known faces of the film industry too. Although one of the most shocking news about this wedding is that the guest list was not naming the Bachan Family. In 2002, Karishma Kapoor was engaged with Abhishek Bachan but somehow this relationship could not resist. Well now Karishma Kapoor is the mother of one girl and one boy and she is leaving a happy life after so many years.

We hope that you would have enjoyed watching the Karishma Kapoor wedding pictures. On this webpage you can even get closer with many other Indian celebrities wedding pictures too. So all her fans should check out the Karishma Kapoor pictures which are given below.

Karishma Kapoor Wedding Pictures

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