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Model Ayyan Appearing At Court Or Walking At Ramp 001

Model Ayyan Appearing At Court Or Walking At Ramp

Yes, we all are confused that whether this stunning model Ayyan who is now in jail, she comes for the court hearing but we are stunned and shocked the way she come, carries herself, dress up herself and walk with such boldness and confidence. As we all know that on 14 March 2015, she was arrested by the Pakistan Airport Security Force. She was charged with money laundering when she was boarding a flight from Benazir International Airport in Islamabad to UAE and then the Airport Security Force discovered US $506,800. She then went on judicial remand and still now have not been able to get a bail from the court.

Model Ayyan Appearing At Court Or Walking At Ramp

Model Ayyan Appearing at court and Walking at Ramp

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So far, Ayyan Ali came for the three court hearings and in all these three hearings, no doubt, she was looking amazing, she has truly shown us that a model can never forget that she is a model despite how bad the situation can be! In the very first court hearing, she was wearing baby pink colored shalwar qameez, she was looking quite traditional at that time. Bundle of camera were on her and she was not having this feeling that she is the culprit of money laundering because all the cameras were giving her such VIP attitude. On the second time hearing, she was wearing white colored shalwar qameez along with tied up hairs. Her tattoo at the back of the neck was also visible and that tattoo became the highlight of that hearing. Almost all the cameras were being focused on that tattoo.

She has walked the ramp for top notch Pakistani Fashion Designers and to her credit she was always the show stopper for most of them. She had really worked hard to earn great reputation in Pakistani Industry but she has some how got stuck in this case.

Now, in this 3rd time hearing, she came in that western avatar, wearing black net shirt with black jeans and a high pony tail. One cannot imagine that how this top most model can look such glamorous even by living in jail. Check out the pictures of these three court hearings which give us this sensation that Pakistani model Ayyan Ali is not going for the hearing but she is actually walking on the ramp.

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