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Pakistani Celebrities

Pakistani Celebrities List Who Died In 2015

Just like each year this year in 2015 as well Pakistan entertainment world has lost so many big and talented names. But with even if these celebrities have been lost but their art work, skills and talent is still fresh in the minds of the people. Each year, many showbiz celebrities got died. If we talk about Pakistani showbiz industry, then each year many talented celebrities got died. For our readers, we are sharing the list of those Pakistani celebrities who died in the year of 2015. Below we will going to have a look at the list Pakistani Celebrities list who died in 2015!

Top Pakistani Celebrities Who Died In 2015:

Pakistani Celebrities who died 2015

1. Kashif Prince:

Pakistani Celebrity Kashif Prince

At the first we have the name of famous and well known talented Kashif Prince. He was a stage, radio and a TV artist. He died on on 1st January 2015. He was even under treatment for almost two weeks at the place of Mayo Hospital, Lahore after he suffered critical wounds in a wall collapse incident at the time of during a wedding ceremony.

2. Ghulam Hussain Shaggan:

Ghulam Hussain Shaggan

On the next of the list of Pakistani Celebrities died in 2015 we have the name of a top reputable Ghulam Hussain Shaggan wh was a classical musician. He died on 3rd February 2015. He was a classical singer of the Gwalior Gharana as born at the place of Amritsar in 1928. He even recieved big fame in his skills in French musicologists Gerard Kurgijian and Martina Catella. Ghulam Hassan Shaggan was son of famous classical singer/musician Bhai Lal Mohammad.

3. Sheila Ramani:

Pakistani Celebrities Died 2015

Sheila Ramani was a popular foreign artist. She lost her breathe on 19th July 2015. She was a top famous known theater and stage play artist.

4. Kemal Ahmad Rizvi:

Kemal Ahmad Rizvi Died 2015

At the end we have the name of Kemal Ahmad Rizvi who got died on 17th december 2015. He has been much identified for his skills of being a writer, director and was a remarkable known actor as well. He has always received the praise from the fans and theater artists for his passion and excellent skills of being an actor.

5. Zafar Sharif:

He died on 16th November 2015. By profession he was known out to be the talented film director. He directed so many films such as Miss Klashnkof, Fateh, Main Ne Pyar Kia and so many more. He was buried in Lahore.
So these were the Pakistani Celebrities died in 2015! No matter whether these celebrities took their last breathe but their skills and talent will going to be the perfect example for the coming new generation of the artists!

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