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Pictures of Our Favorite Showbiz Celebrities on This Eid ul Adha

Did you miss out catching your favorite Pakistani celebrities on Eid ul Adha this year? If yes, then stop searching around here and there because right through this post, we would be having a quick look into some of the top known showbiz celebrities and their look on Eid ul Adha. There is no doubt about the fact that the way our favorite celebrities dress themselves on the festivals and shows, we did out best efforts to similarly dress ourselves in the ultimate same way. But just the few people get successful in it!

On this Eid ul Adha festival 2017, the main attraction on social media was the dress choices of actress Aiza Khan. On all the three days of the Eid she was looking so elegant and marvelous with the beauty outlooks. Her all three days look was different from one another. In the same timeline, we would add up with the dresses of Maya Ali as well. She was looking so flawless in dresses of Eid as her pictures were the main talk of the social media. She was looking so graceful as in her gharara on the Eid Day one. Furthermore, lets talk about the dressing style of new couple i-e Agha Ali Khan and Sara Khan. Well, on Eid day Agha Ali Khan wear white shalwar kameez and Sara Khan wear beautiful shalwar kameez in light blue color. In the below pictures, you will also find your favourite Hareem Farooq in bright orange long shirt with churidar pajama. She looks totally beautiful and traditional. If we talk about singers then we have the picture of well known Ali Zafar with his wife.

How can we miss mentioning about the Hocane sister, Mawra Hocane! She rather kept herself simple and elegant on this Eid occasion. She was wearing the stylish white color dress that was looking so marvelous on her beauty looks. Ayesha Omar often rather kept herself simple and traditional on this Eid ul Adha. She was wearing a traditional lawn simple dress that was much stitched in modish hues and cuts. She was looking stunning. How can we forget to mention the names of Saba Qamar and Kiran Haq. In the below picture, you will see that Saba Qamar gave Eidi to Kiran Haq and both look stylish and elegant.

Moving more in the list of the Pakistani celebrities, we would not be missing out with the name of stunning Aiman Khan. She was the first who uploaded her Eid dress picture on social media. She was looking so cute in the Sindhi style of angrakha umbrella shirt with gharara. In additionally, we want to discuss the appearance of Neelum Munir on Eid. Well, she wore beautiful frock in black color. If you want to see the cute picture of mother and daughter then have a look at the picture of Syra Shahroz with her doll. Both of them wear same color of dress on Eid day. Lastly, have a look at the picture of Umar Akmal with his family.

Well to raise up your excitement even more, here we would be adding up the post with some pictures of your favorite showbiz celebrities on Eid ul Adha! Catch them all!

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