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Sataesh Khan Biography, Career And Personal Life

When we mention about some of the talented Pakistani television actresses then we always highlight the name of Sataesh Khan! She was born on 7th April 1991. She was born and raised up in the place of Karachi from where she finished her schooling as well. Then she made her way to Lahore along with her mother. Her parents got divorced when she was 12 years old. She is the only sister in her siblings and has two brothers. Since the time of her high school she has always dream about being the tennis player. In the year 2009 she made her way in the showbiz career and made her debut from the Pakistani Soap drama ‘Tere Pehlul Mian’ in GEO Channel of Pakistan.

Sataesh Khan Personal Life And Showbiz Career

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In her so far career as being the actress Pakistani actress Sataesh Khan’s has worked superbly and with reputable status. Her acting skills in the debut play Tere Pehlu Main was appreciated alot. Afterwards she feature herself out in so many television plays and even did with some advertisements too. She even had the plans to make her appearance in the Pakistani Lollywood movies. But suddenly news came up that Sataesh Khan has left the showbiz world completely and has reverted towards Islam. She has changed her lifestyle and has started living her life according to the teachings and customs of Islam. She once unveiled that she has chosen such lifestyle after getting inspired from the co-star Sara Chaudhry who had also left the world of showbiz and turned into fully religious woman.

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In the year 2013 Sataesh got married with Malik Noureen Awan. But then later they got separated after few months. The wedding ceremony was just held in a simple gathering of Nikkah because Sataesh wants everything to be simple and plain. It is to be mentioned that Malik Noureen Awan is the same men who earlier married famous singer Annie Khaalid. But then Sataesh took the step of divorce with the claim that she was brutally tortured by Malik Noraid Awaan. It was the same claim that was made by Annie Khalid as well. Sataesh Khan even unveiled that she is the 5th wife of Malik Noureen Awan and has ruin the life of so many other girls.

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