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Unseen Wedding Pics of Sharmila Farooqi

Sharmila Farooqi Marriage Function Unseen Pictures

Sharmila Farooqi, the most powerful politician has now become a married woman and that lucky man is Hasham Riaz Sheikh, the former adviser of Asif Zardari. It is a grand wedding ceremony. Huge crowd was there. Bundle of celebrities were there. Dance floors were set on fire; it was an amazing and tremendous kind of 15 day event that stole our hearts! Sharmila Farooqi marriage included some trend setting wedding events, which included mehndi, nikah and walima celebrations. We were already expecting this marriage will be one of the royal kind ones and this same thing happened!

This ceremony took 15 days to complete, each after the other day, we see totally new and beautiful looks of her and what can we say now, she was looking jaw opening in each and every look. Be it the Nikkah dresses, mehndi outfits, shaadi dress of the walima outfits, Mariam Khawaja makeup and photography by Irfan Ahson amazed us a lot. Right here, if you have not get a chance to have a look at this royal wedding ceremony then here we have been attaching the pictures of this awesome and jaw opening wedding ceremony. We are sure that you have not seen till now such marvellous kind of marriage event that took place for 15 days and finally ended on 7th March 2015.

Sharmila Farooqi Mehndi Function Pics

Sharmila in Anarkali Suit on her mehndi function

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Sharmila farooqi mehndi dress

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On her luxurious mehndi mayoon function, she was wearing bottle green colore anarkali dress and damn this in news politician of Pakistan People’s Party was not looking less than any super model of Pakistan, in recent past Indian anarkali frocks dresses to be used as mehndi dresses was going out of fashion but with the looks of it, when some celebrity wear it on a special day, you can thing of this stitching pattern making headlines again. It was full fancy kind of heavily embellished dress with tilla and dabka work on it and to add to her beauty she had applied some stylish mehndi designs on her hands and believe me, we have no words that how much beautiful she was looking at time! She also danced and moved her footsteps on this exciting Mehndi day. She came on horse and truly created a history in making the day the most special one. Massive crowd was there. Lots of famous showbiz photographers were also there and among them Irfan Ahson truly took each and every snapshot of that event with much perfection. At the age of 37, she was giving the looks of 27. More and more pictures of this grand and spectacular wedding function will be shared with you. Hundreds and thousands of pictures are there, stay tuned and do let us know too that in which dress and on which day, you find this politician the most beautiful. Get in hand more updates about the weddings of politicians and see who married to whom!

Politician Sharmila and Hasham Riaz Sheikh Barat Nikkah Pictures

Bridal Makeup of Politiian Sharmila Farooqi

Hasham Riaz Sheikh and Sharmila on wedding Barat Day

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One cannot at all forget the Sharmila Farooqi wedding! On her wedding day, she was wearing bright red dress with heavy jewellery line. Bridal Make up was done with much perfection by Mariam Khawaja and the way she has carried herself in that royal and stunning red lehenga, it was awesome and remarkable in all aspects! Both of them were truly complimenting to each other and both of them were making the graceful couple so far.

Walima Function of Hasham Riaz Sheikh

Walima of Sharmila Farooqi

Sharmila Wedding Pictures
Sharmila Farooq Marriage Unseen Pictures

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History has bee made by Hasham Riaz Sheikh and Sharmila Farooqi’s stunning choices of dresses and event celebrations and by browsing all these pictures of their ceremonies, you will definitely regret at not being part of anyone of them! Wearing bottle green dress on the mehndi day, red dress on the wedding day and this bright golden dress on the reception day and eve on walima day she was looking flawless and no doubt giving a princess kind of look. The way her jewellery makeup, dress, mehndi and all the ornaments on her- she was looking dazzling and totally tempting during all these 15 days. One cannot decide that on which day this young and pretty politician was looking more beautiful.

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Pakistani Politician Sharmeela Farooqi Unseen Wedding Pictures

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