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Chicken Pakora

Spicy Chicken Pakora Recipe

Now, the holy month of Ramzan has started and we all are busy in searching tasty and new recipes of food because our dasterkhan  could never be completed without spicy Chana chat,samosas, Pakoras etc. but today we are sharing with you a different types of spicy chicken pakora recipe which is really very fantastic and it will give you a change in taste, so you must try it and enjoy with your family.

Let’s have a look of its cooking method of chicken pakora spicy recipe.


Boneless Chicken                                    (325 gm)

Onion finely chopped                            (1)

Garlic Chopped                                        (2-3 cloves)

Water                                                           (1 cup)

Green chilies                                             (1-2)

Dhanya Leaves                                         (1)

Dhanya powder                                        (1 TBS)

Basin flour                                                  (125 gm)

Zeera                                                             (1 TBS)

Chili powder                                              (1 TBS)

Gram Masala                                              (1/4 TBS)

Soda bicarbonate                                     (1 pinch)

Oil                                                                   (for frying)

Salt                                                                  (1 TBS or according to taste)


Cooking Method:-

  1. Pick up a blander, and blend onion, garlic, green chilies, coriander with half cup water
  2. Then mix basin with dhaniya powder, zeera, gram masala, chili powder, soda and salt.
  3. Add some water and the blended mixture in it.
  4. Mix it well till it becomes the form of paste.
  5. Then pick the boneless chicken pieces and dip into the mixture till it would be coated well.
  6. Deep fry it and serve it with ketchup.



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