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Sunita Marshall Wedding Pictures 0010

Sunita Marshall Wedding Pictures

Do you want to see Sunita Marshall wedding pictures? Sunita Marshall is one of the recognized names in the Pakistan fashion industry. She is the well known Pakistani actress and model. She has been known for her long tall height with the beautiful looks. Sunita Marshall has gained huge success and fame in just minimum time scale and yet made herself as one of the favorite for many women. In 2008, Sunita Marshall got married with Hassan Ahmed who is also the model in the same field. Sunita Marshall belongs to the Christian family whereas the Hassan Ahmed was a Muslim but the marriage ceremony was concluded in both the manners. In this post we will share some of the Sunita Marshall wedding pictures. In these pictures you can clearly view out that she is looking simply gorgeous and beautiful in the long lehenga. Sunita Marshall has been now working in the fashion industry and has taken the break from the television but his husband Hassan Ahmed who is both actor and model is making his reputed place in the television industry and is working in many plays too. Well we hope that you would have enjoyed watching the Sunita Marshall wedding pictures.

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Sunita Marshall Wedding Pictures

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