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Top Pakistani Drama Actress Names With Pictures List

Well there is no particular doubt about the fact that the Pakistan entertainment industry is crowded with much a big talent in terms of the actresses. Each single year or we would say after the span of few months, the entertainment television sector has been bringing so many of the new actresses who are spreading out their magic of acting one each single person. In all such new talent actresses, there are some of the actresses who made their way back into the acting after taking a big break mentioning with the names of Sanam Baloch as well as Sumbul Iqbal and Ayezha Khan as well. Currently there are so many actresses who are said out to be high in demand these days. There are so many fans who want to catch their favorite actresses back on screen as they love the magic of acting. Do you want your favorite actresses to be back on screen as well? Below we will be highlighting down with the list of top ten Pakistani Drama Actress names for you!

10. Sumbul iqbal:

After taking a long break from the acting, once again Sumbul Iqbal is back again to spread the magic of her acting. Very soon her fans would be able to catch her acting skills in many new upcoming projects.

Sumbul iqbal

9. Kinza Hashmi:

On the next of famous Pakistani Drama Actress list we have the fresh new talent by the name of Kinza Hashmi who has made a prominent name in so many hearts of the fans through her one serial. She is no doubt one of the rising stars.

Kinza Hashmi

8. Soha Ali Abro:

These days you would love watching actress Soha Ali Abro serial “Adhi Gawahi” on Hum TV that is quite alot getting popular. She is back again on TV after quite a long time.

Soha Ali Abro

7. Kubra Khan:

On the 7th spot of famous Pakistani Drama Actress list we would bring out with the name of actress Kubra Khan who is much talented and best with her acting skills. She has until now done with so many serials with different acting roles that has been hugely loved by the fans.

Kubra Khan

6. Hina Altaf:

On the 6th spot of top Pakistani drama actresses, we would add up with the name of Hina Altaf who started her journey as the VJ and now she has made herself out to be one of the most promising actresses of Pakistan television world.

Hina Altaf

5. Ramsha Khan:

The serial “Wo Ik Pak” has given the actress Ramsha Khan with the huge sum of popularity and fame. She is even grabbing the attention of people for being the look alike of Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma:

Ramsha Khan

4. Sanam Baloch:

Actress Sanam Baloch has always surprised her fans by appearing in different and that too amazing roles. This time she has taken away the huge sum of appreciation by appearing in the best role performance for the serial, Teri Raaza.

Sanam Baloch

3. Sajal ali:

On the 3rd spot, we would be adding upon with the name of one of the top most brilliant actresses of the Pakistan television named as actress Sajal Ali. She is unbeatable when it comes to the acting skills.

Sajal ali

2. Ayezha Khan:

Ayezha khan is ruling on the 2nd spot the top Pakistani drama actresses! Even though after getting married and taking a break from the acting she is still the heart beat of millions of fans.

Ayezha Khan

1. Saba Qamar:

On the last but not the least of top Pakistani drama actresses we have the queen of acting Saba Qamar who has surprised so many people in almost all her serials. Did you watch her acting in serial, Baaghi?

Saba Qamar

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