Veena Malik Get Body Paint In London

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Do you know that Veena Malik get body paint in London? Well if not then this post will going to provide you out with the best details about this news. Veena Malik is one of the well known names of the bollywood industry. She is definitely known as the magician because she has the tricks to remain in the news all the time. Just newly Pakistani actress Veena Malik has shown her best interest for the art and has attended the art show of Vesa Kivinen in London. Well the Pakistani actress Veena Malik was so much inspired by this act that she painted her whole body with the artistic paint. The painter has made almost 15 different designs on the Veena Malik body that are showing away the artistic and cultural look. In this post we are sharing some of the Veena Malik hot pictures about the body paint. Veena Malik has stated that” “I feel very glad that Finland’s well known visual artist Vesa Kivinen had called me to work with him. I am here just for the love of art.” In all the Veena Malik pictures she is simply looking like the perfect picture of displaying the art work.

So this was all about the Veena Malik get body paint in London! We are sure that you must have enjoyed reading this article…

Veena Malik Get Body Paint In London

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